The much awaited release of our first ever story on MY HEART IN BITS is here and for all who have been expecting this story and cant wait any longer well here it is...

Well today I will be sharing to you my amazing readers a part of my life experience of how God moved me and
took me to a whole new level withouth deserving it.

For the Newbies, My Heart In Bits is all about a young boy who is ready to pour out words of his heart by sharing his life experiences of how God has made him overcome his greatest life challenges and others who will like to share to the world also their biggest life lessons and inspire the young upcoming youths so that they will not make the same mistakes we have already made.
I'm a man who really loves the entertainment world, I love music and I love singing. I believe music is nature and singing calms the soul i also love blogging a lot and I also cherish my friends but once I get betrayed i really find it hard to forgive.
I've known Jesus since I was born, though my dad is a Muslim but my mum is a Christian and so i chose the path of my mum, i followed her almost everywhere she steps her foot in especially the "church" and right from my childhood I knew the name JESUS.
Years went by and i began to grow into an adult, i remembered back then when i would play football from morning till night, i remember back then when i would do all sort of stress and I won't feel a thing but as I began to grow things began to change and as we all know in life CHANGE Is constant.
I began to fall sick often and things began to fall apart I could not do the things I constantly do often and I wondered why.
I could not write exams without falling Ill and most times I do manage to pass but I never wanted this kind of life, I wanted a change, i wanted a relief, I wanted a new life.
Years went by and there was no change i prayed and thought i knew Jesus but there was no answer, i didnt know it was only his name i knew and that i didnt really know that man called jesus.
I kept struggling to progress until I managed to enter the university and I got closer to him. All I wanted was a quick answer to my problems but my dilemma got worse and i wondered WHY?
I called on him, i went to church services both sunday services and weekly services but no answer and I began to understand somethings that sometimes the Lord always tests the faith of his people to see how strong it is, to see those who really believe in him and those who will do anything for him.
The lord watches us and everything we do and if we only get close to him just because of what we want from him then its gonna be very hard to find an answer from him.
I got close to him just because of what i  wanted and how bad I wanted to get well but I never received anything until I began to understand that it takes more than getting close to Jesus just because of what we want, it takes more than attending church services and speaking in tongues but all it takes is just true love, obedience and faith.
When we love with all our heart and never leave him we will do everything he wants or ask.
When we obey is words, we will never miss our steps 
And we have faith, the unbelievable happens.
It's not too long i understood that you dont move close to jesus because of what you want or wat you will get but because of the love and interest you have in enlarging is kingdom before the lord started doing wonders.
He has done wonders that I dont know how I could express his love and goodness. All I could just say is THANK YOU JESUS
 Over my academics he has been there over my family is favour enriches our coat over my health even though I still fall sick he has also miraculously strengthened me and over all my needs he just provides it in a way that cannot be explained. What more can i say than THANK YOU JESUS
 By loving you with all my heart and just giving you praises you have been doing the unexpected.
Lastly I pray to those reading this and have been inspired by this story and are ready to accept  JESUS with their whole heart and not because of what they want from him but because of what they want to give and do for him, you shall begin to receive the unexpected sooner than you expect.
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