Could this be true; Has Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's ex wife "Anita" re-married

It seems the ex-wife of prominent Lagos minister and organizer of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, Anita, may have remarried. Anita who instantly after her separation, returned to her original surname, Ebhodaghe, has included another name (Schafer) to her name and this is unmistakable in her most recent post on her online christian website,

In the comment ssection of this new post, somebody by the name Frau Glauben saluted her for her name change while including "it was such a lovely service" which could mean a "wedding". In her most recent Facebook post also, Anita included the name Scafer. See a screen shot of her old post which she always signed off using her "Anita Ebhodaghe" below...

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