11 Years Running, A complete timeline of Drake and Rihanna’s off and on relationship

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  • It's been 11 years of back and forth between Aubrey and Robyn.

Its not new again as we all know Rihanna and Drake, who were rumoured to be getting engaged recently, have broken up, again.
Well we say kudos to our top researchers as they have brought us brief history of the two pop stars. See below...

2005: Drake and Rihanna first meet at a restaurant while she was shooting a video for her single ‘Pon de Replay’

Riri and Drake first met 11 years ago

2009: The two are first seen kissing after Rihanna broke up with Chris Brown, after the latter physically assaulted her

Drake was there to heal her wounds from a dramatic time with Chris Brown

2010: ‘Fireworks’ on Drake’s album references a lost love that many believe was referring to a brief affair with Rihanna. Later that year, she features him on ‘What’s My Name’

Rihanna and Drake have featured on each other’s songs a few times

2011: Drake and Rihanna burn up the stage at the Grammys

Rih and Drizzy share the 2011 Grammy stage

2012: She breaks his heart by returning briefly to Chris Brown and when they collaborate for his ‘Take Care’, Drake sings, ‘You don’t say you love me to your friends when they ask you even though we both know that you do, you do.’

Chris Brown and RIhanna were an off again, on again item too

2013: Drake gets into a fight with Chris Brown over Rihanna. Drake goes on the radio to say: ‘His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap.’

2014: Drake puts a tattoo of Rihanna on his arm

2015: Rihanna tells a magazine that her last real boyfriend was Chris Brown and whatever she and Drake had was not official

January 2016: Rihanna releases ‘Work’ and features Drake

And boy did they work it out

March 2016: Drake joins Rihanna on a ‘Work’ performance and there was pleeeeeeeenty of grinding

… really really work it out

August 2016: Drake congratulates Rihanna on a billboard for her VMA Video Vanguard Award

If that’s not love, what is?

August 2016: He gives a moving speech as he presented Rihanna with her award, saying that he’s been in love with her since he was 22

She was seen wearing the tuxedo shirt he wore the following morning

Riri stepped out in Drake’s tuxedo shirt from the VMAs

September 2016: They start taking photos like an official couple

And then they have this romantic moment on stage

October 2016: Media reports that the two have broken up again and he has moved on to reality star India Love

India Love has a handful for Drake apparently
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