UNBELIEVABLE! Some OAU Students Kick Against #reopenOAU Campaign, Threaten To Counter-Trend The Campaign

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This is UNBELIEVABLE, some Students of OAU have kicked against the #reopenOAU campaign on social media and are threatening to start a counter-trend against the campaign.

The campaign with the theme “#ReOpenOAU” which has recorded huge success with various organizations and individuals was eventually kick-started some days ago on major social media platforms, especially twitter.

The Students responsible for these have cited few reasons why
they are expressing their displeasure over the campaign.

Such reasons include the conviction of these sets of people that the campaign doesn’t properly represent the interest of great Ife students. Some have also argued that the campaign should have been centered on more specific requests like appointment of an acting VC or reconstitution of the governing council.
Some others even believe it should be an avenue to ask for
the reinstatement of the students union activities of the
institution. These were accompanied by several criticisms of
ACJ OAU, accusing the association especially, its president, of
pursuing his personal interest against the interest of the
generality of great Ife students– the same students that have
taken over the social media with the #ReOpenOAU campaign
in the last 48 hours.

With these Ongoing threath on social media several students have begin to ask questions like what do these people really want? Do they not want the school to resume? Do they even understand what the theme of the campaign is all about? Are they aware that if OAU is eventually reopened, then an acting VC and/or a governing council must definitely be appointed/constituted? Do they know that student Unionism cannot operate well without the school being in full operation?

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