The First Fear Of Man

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As humans we all have fears, we all fear one thing or the other some have the fear of height, snakes, crowd/open places and some they have the fear of being alone but thats not the type of fear we would be talking about because those fears are
secondary fears.

Long time ago when the world began in the garden of eden man had no fear, man gave names to the lions, snakes and all the animals on earth and we could see that man was fearless. But as
soon as man fell and disobeyed their eyes became opened and the first thing that occured was nakedness. Adam said "I heard thy voice and i was afraid because i was naked"

We could see that as soon as Adam became NAKED, FEAR set in, and he became afraid. most people of nowadays have fallen into his category, they sin and disobey just for their own selfish interest and the've become naked. This sins and disobedience have brought them total nakedness and the enjoy it withouth realising they need to be clothed.

Do we remember the story of the prodigal son, who left his parents? just  like the prodigal son who left home and became naked out there so are many people of nowadays but as as soon as he returned back to his father he was clothed his father put on him his royal robe.

Finally, we all need to return home back to our father, we all need to return back to JESUS the author and finisher of our souls because he is waiting for us to come back and he will be very happy to clothe us.

The bible says the streets of heaven are paved with gold and when Jesus rose up we were raised with him and made to sit in heavenly places. he wants to make us just like his sons so we can be gorgeous and enviable.
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