'It hurts when people say i only know how to dance" Peter Of Psquare speaks on how well he is doing after their breakup

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The famous multitalented twin brothers P-square have separated for a while now and have been trying to grow stronger
individually after they separated and went solo.

Peter who has 2 kids and has currently been doing lots of singles, tours and endorsements spoke on how well he has been fairing as he told Hiptv that he has no regrets going solo as he can now
do whatever he wants without being limited compared to when they were still a group.

 Paul on the other end has signed new artistes to his record
label- Rude Boy Records and has been faring well too.

Peter also told hiptv that it hurts when people
say he only knows how to dance and nothing else, but in the
real sense he is very creative and talented.
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