Important Things To Know On How Candidates Will Be Screened For The 2016/2017 OAU Admissions

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Last week, june 28, The head of JAMB held a meeting with various universities on modalities of screening candidates for 2016 admissions.

Flywaterz as now gone to search for all students of OAU the most important things you need to know as it relates to the great citadel of learning Obafemi Awolowo University.

According to oau peeps,

This year, admission quota for UTME candidates and Direct
Entry (DE) students will be at ratio 90:10. This means if OAU
will be admitting a maximum of 6,000 candidates this year,
5,400 of them will be UTME candidates and the remaining 600
will be DE candidates.

Note, there will be no Post-UTME this year and candidates
seeking admission into OAU are not required to come to the
campus for screening. OAU Peeps learnt that candidates will
be solely recommended for admission by JAMB and the only
criterion will be the candidate’s UTME score. Chances of
admission may also be influenced by the State from which the
candidate comes should he or she fail to meet up with the
merit quota.

This year, the quota system is as follows;
Merit – 45%
Catchment area – 35%
Educationally Less Disadvantaged States (ELDS) – 20%
Before explaining what the above means, note that OAU has 6
catchment area states including; Ekiti, Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Oyo
and Lagos. ELDS peculiar to OAU include Kogi, Kwara, Rivers,
Edo, Benue and other states.
The quota system works this way. Let’s assume the
Department of Medicine and Surgery will admit the maximum
of 100 candidates. This means:
The total number of those that will be admitted using the
merit quota will be 45/100 x maximum number of candidates
the department will admit (in this case, 100) = 45 candidates.
For the catchment area state, it will be 35/100 x maximum
number of candidates the department will admit (in this case,
100) = 35 candidates.

Using similar method above, 20 candidates will be admitted
by ELDS quota.
How will the candidates be selected?
Like we stated earlier, admission is expected to be strictly by
UTME scores. Candidates for various departments are
arranged in a decreasing order based on their UTME score.
For example, if 6 candidates apply to study English with the
following scores; Tunde – 260, Kemi – 201, Idowu – 222,
Bukola – 213, Abdullahi – 200 and Emmanuel – 302. They
will be ranked as follows;

Emmanuel – 302
Tunde – 260
Idowu – 222
Bukola – 213
Kemi – 201
Abdullahi – 200

Then, the merit quota system is applied first. In that order, if
we are to consider the previous example, the first 45 students
are admitted automatically for Medicine. Then the rest are
now ranked again in the same decreasing order but now
based on the catchment area states.
Then using the 35% quota, each of the six states will have
about 5.83%. This means the number of candidates to be
admitted here will be shared equally. Still using Medicine
where 35 people will be admitted, it will now be 6 candidates
per state but the last state will only have 5 admitted since
the quota is not up to 36. The 6 admitted candidates per
state will be those with the highest UTME scores for that
particular department after the merit people have been
Using the same logic, the ELDS with 20 candidate spaces will
be selected.
After this, those admitted will now proceed for screening
presenting their O’level results and other documents for
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