How To Verify The Authenticity Of Any Nigerian Bank Account to Avoid Sending To The Wrong Person Or Scamming

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This is incredible! Kudos to the creator of this application, guys you needvto try these.

An app named Nigerian bank verifier is a
simple application that helps major bank users to verify the authenticity of their bank account.

 E.g, The app can simply be used to verify if the person you are
sending to is actually the right person or not before sending.

Few Reasons Why You Need This App?

1- It helps you avoid being scammed by people
2- Prevent identity theft
3- No need to visit customer care anymore for account
4- Avoid sending money to the wrong account number.

How To Use It:

1- Download it first
2- open the app and Select the bank name
3- Enter a 10 digit Nigerian Bank account.
4- Click on verify to know who owns the account number.

Where To Download it:
Download it on google playstore or click HERE and install it
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