Runtown"s US Tour Gets Messier, He Can No Longer Perform On US Soil

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Ericmanny diversion has secured an interim order from a United States District Court in New York, against Runtown which has banned him for performing anyplace in the nation.

This new advancement stops the vocalist's US Tour which was intended to start in California today evening time. 'On Friday June 3, 2016, Lydia Obasi Hills, Esq., a top notch New York litigator and diversion legal counselor, secured a transitory order, for the benefit of Eric Many, Ltd., in the Eastern District of New York
against Runtown and his administrator, Bugu Aneto Okeke, excepting all U.S. exhibitions and appearances by the Nigerian pop star. As indicated by Ms. Obasi Hills, she trusts "Runtown's directive makes an impression on Nigerian craftsmen that it's imperative to regard the holiness of agreements, and to work with their marks who regularly put huge entireties into advancing their professions." Runtown looked to rupture his agreement with EricMany, Ltd., to which he was the sole craftsman on the name.

Ms. Obasi Hills contended under the watchful eye of United States District Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto, who found that "Nigerian music is very nearly traverse into North American mainstream music as exhibited by Nigerian musical craftsman Wizkid's execution on the main single 'One Dance' by Drake," and that the "totality of potential misfortunes that EricMany will probably confront from Runtown's activities are boundless." Judge Matsumoto found that a "Nigerian court issued a between time order dated May 20, 2016, that urges Runtown" and that it "will be for all intents and purposes difficult to measure the misfortunes that EricMany will endure in the event that it is not subsidiary with Runtown amid this basic time for Nigerian music."

Ms. Obasi Hills introduced proof to the Court that Runtown was in break of his record contract, as well as arranging a U.S. visit, titled "Ghetto University USA Tour," without the assent of his mark, which would have been infringing upon the May 20, 2016 Lagos Federal High Court directive. Ms. Obasi Hills additionally displayed proof that Runtown was putting forth false and noxious defamatory expressions against EricMany and its CEO, Prince Okwudili Umenyiora. Judge Matsumoto at last entered an Order controlling and charging Douglas Jack Agu ("Runtown"), Bugu Aneto Okeke, Bug Media Limited, and Bug Entertainment and Media Limited, from "singing, showing up, facilitating, performing, advancing, orchestrating, encouraging, planning, promoting or allowing the execution of Douglas Jack Agu "Runtown" at any venue on or after June 3, 2016."

As indicated by Ms. Obasi Hills, "EricMany's triumph is a triumph for all Nigerian record names, which sends a reasonable message to all specialists that a record arrangement is an official understanding. It isn't right for a craftsman to profit that marking to a name gives, just to leave from that point to the hindrance of the name, and after the craftsman has made distinction and progress in huge part because of the name's interests in the craftsman's profession. EricMany has put over $600,000.00 USD into Runtown's vocation and has yet to re-upset the totality of its speculation. While the media has been burning with bits of gossip that Runtown has left EricMany, the trust is that Runtown and EricMany will have the capacity to settle their disparities and go into another record contract, leaving the past before. EricMany without a doubt needs Runtown to exceed expectations, sparkle and break boundaries in the Nigerian and American music industry. Be that as it may, things must be done the correct route – with demonstrable skill and shared admiration."

EricMany, Ltd. is a debut Nigerian music recording mark, established by Prince Okwudili Umenyiora. For request, please contact Lydia Obasi Hills, Esq. at Ms. Obasi Hills, EricMany's U.S. insight, is likewise the organizer of the Nigerian American Entertainment Alliance and as of now serves as Vice President of the Nigerian Lawyers Association – the National Voice of the Nigerian U.S. Lawful Community.'

See likewise a duplicate of the letter of the court directiveRunt
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