Kim Kardashian: Kanye is a genius and I totally supports His Newly Released Nude Celebrities Shocking Video "Famous"

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38 year old american rapper Kanye West recently released a new shocking music video titled “Famous” on June 24, which featured some scandalous celebrity imagery to say the least.

Kim kardashian has voiced out saying that Kanye is a genius and she totally supports everything he does even as there was a
totally nude lookalike photo of her in the video.

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According to hollywoodlife, "not a lot of people agree with Kim about Kanye’s artsy “Famous” video. Kim is being mocked
mercilessly on Twitter by people who saw her shellshocked
face as Kanye premiered the video onstage at his “Famous”
event. It was not a happy look, and people trolled the hell out
of Kim with (admittedly funny) memes. Maybe if they know
she’s okay with the vid, they’ll stop!"

To my AMAZING READERS, Are you surprised that Kim’s okay with Kanye’s new video? Tell us what you think below.
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