Just In: Whatsapp Set To Introduce New Features Such As Large Emoctions, Music Sharing And So On

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Whatsapp is currently set to introduce new features soon, after the recent release of some new features such as quote-in-reply, … Something more which we are all going to love is on its way.

According to a report recently leaked by German publication
Macerkopf, the new features which were spotted in the WhatsApp  for iOS beta and are expected to be released are
Larger Emojis, Music Sharing, Mentions and Public groups.

Larger Emoctions

According to reports, the whatsapp Beta team revealed that the mobile messaging app will start
supporting larger emojis soon and that
the emojis will be three times bigger than the
current ones, almost the same size introduced with iOS 10.

Music Sharing

 WhatsApp is currently set to allow the sharing of Music.
According to reports, users will be able to share music
stored locally as well as Apple Music tracks and they will
not only see a music icon but also album art.

If you’re a Twitter user, you would know how the Mention
feature works. The one on WhatsApp is said to be similar.
You can tag people in your address book within a chat.

Public Groups
The introduction of Public Groups will allow anyone with a link
to the group to post to it. But the power to shut down the
group will be in the admin’s hands.

 Video Calling

Video calling feature on WhatsApp is the most
awaited feature and according to reports it is expected to launch soonest.

so flywaterz readers Which features do you like the most?
Tell us below.
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