How to Send Friend Request On Facebook Without Getting Blocked

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For those of you who get blocked on Facebook for sending friend requests and you have to wait till Facebook
unblock you well, the truth is that Facebook has a policy which blocks users when he or she sends so many friend requests that exceeds the total number of friends you are expected to send.

Well, If you still want to send unlimited friend requests even as this policy still stands withouth being blocked here is the latest guide we have brought for you to use the policy feature of Facebook so that your friend request no more exceeded that triggered to ban from sending friend request.

1- Go to your Facebook account, and login.

2- Go to Facebook timeline > Friends > Friend
Requests. You will see the friend list who wants to
be your friend or the requests send to you or
received requests.

3- You will also see a clickable link 'View Sent
Requests' click on it or directly click here to view sent requests on Facebook .

4- You will get all the friends here having pending
requests. Simply cancel all the pending requests by
hovering your mouse on 'Friend Request Sent' >
Cancel Request.

5- Now, you can send friend requests to your friends.
Make sure, you don't send so many friend requests at
once. I recommend you to send friend requests up
to 30 friends, and wait for a day to respond your
requests by the friends.

6- Again, go to your sent requests, and delete all the friend requests. Now, again you can send friend requests. Therefore,
repeat the steps and you will never caught by the
Facebook to block you for friend requests. Is not it

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