How to Accept or Reject all Facebook Friend Requests With A Single Click

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Many people especially females have been asking so many questions about how to accept or reject all friend requests at once.

Most females usually have more than a thousand friend request and it takes time to start accepting or rejecting all requests thanks to the internet gurus they always try to make things
possible. Now, you can accept or reject all the pending friend
requests with a single click.

therefore, we've brought about a guide to show you a simple way
through this post which will allow you accept or reject all the friend requests at once with a single click.

5 THINGS TO DO TO ACCEPT/REJECT ALL FRIEND REQUESTS                                                  AT ONCE.
1- You need Google chrome browser for applying this
trick. If you don't have this browser, you can install

2- Once you installed chrome, go to this THIS LINK for the
extension. Install it, click on +Free button, and
again click on "Add". The chrome extension will
now start to install. After completed installation
+Free button will converted to Add to Chrome
button. Restart your browser.

3- You will now see an additional icon on your toolbar
like the following preview

4- Now, go to your Facebook account, and open your
Facebook friend request page. Scroll down the
page until your all pending requests completely

5- Now, you will see the Accept/Reject icon on the toolbar
above the page, click on the icon and once you have clicked you will see a popup window in which you can select whether
you want to accept all or reject all friend requests.
Now, finally click on "ACCEPT ALL FRIENDS
REQUESTS" if thats what you want. and whoola all you pending friend requests have been accepted.

From our experience by applying this chrome extension, you can save a lot of time to accept or reject all the friend requests on Facebook.We hope this worked for you, tell us your thoughts below
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