How Stephen Keshi Spent His Last Days On Earth

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Stephen okechukwu keshi's family have told the world the cause of his death as they revealed to us that 

his death is believed to be cardiac arrest but an autopsy is yet to be carried out on his remains.

54 year old Keshi, complained about pain in his leg at around 11.45am and gave up the ghost shortly after his complaints.

According to the former coach’s brother In-law, Ricky Aburime, who spoke to The Nation, Keshi passed on less than 15 minutes after complaining about pain on his leg.

“You won’t believe it that Keshi passed on in just 15 minutes.”
“I got a call saying that Keshi had complained about his leg which I think they helped to massage. Then he told those with him that he was feeling funny. He asked that he should be taken to the hospital.”
Aburime noted that he was woken from sleep and asked to come down to Keshi’s house, which was a few feet away from his own.
“When I got the distress call, I told my wife that I needed to go and find out what the problem was. He was massaged, only for him to complain again. By this time he was gasping for breath.”
“When the doctor arrived at the hospital, he confirmed Keshi dead like the nurse said when she checked his pulse. The nurse said he had no pulse. It was about 11. 57pm. In fact, from the way the doctors spoke, there was nothing that they could do.”
“I got inside where he was being treated. I found Keshi lying down, dead. I was the one who put him in the morgue. We have informed the police to incident the matter, considering Keshi’s status.”
“I’m here with the Edo State Football Association (EDFA) Chairman, Frank Ilaboya. We are waiting for the police pathologist, Wilson Akiru, to perform the autopsy. I don’t know what is happening to my family. Only in January, we laid my sister Kate, Keshi’s wife, to rest. Now this shocking death.”
Aburime further said that the autopsy cannot be done until Keshi’s first daughter arrives from the USA.
She had insisted that she must be present at the autopsy. “We need to respect her decision,” Aburime added.
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