Breaking! GTBank Now Charges Customers For Airtime They Didn't Purchase

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Seems a lot of people have been complaining about gtbanks surprise removal of money from peoples account via airtime purchase.

A friend of mine YomiProf also complained and here is what happened with evidence.
According to him he said this..

"While I was busy with my day to day activities, I received an
email and alert on mobile, 3:06PM from GTBank debiting me
for N400 airtime I purchased 6/28 2015. I thought it was a

mistake, not until I received the second alert dated 5/25/2015
and the third alert of N400. This is strange because GTbank
on a normal day doesn’t charge you for what you didn’t

Within the time frame of 15Min, I was charged N1,200 and up till now, no any valid
explanation for that or any refund made.
I searched online to see if some other GTB users experienced
the same thing but to my surprise, a lot of GTBank account
holders had similar problem, same date.
The question is, why will GTB charge her customers for
Airtime they didn’t purchase? Is it system failure or what?
Imaging charging N200 from every account holders, do you
know how many billions of dollars it will amount to? If GTB
thinks it’s an error, then refund should be made to every
account holders they illegally charge that day".

If you experienced any similar unauthorized issue with GTBank
pls Share with us in the comment section below.
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