8 Scriptures You Need to Memorize To Understand How To React To Gods Words, Peoples And News About Them

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Oh yes! Nigerians and their reactions, its always very tough to convince blacks to JESUS and when you are sharing a news always take time out to understand people and how they take things. I once shared a post recently about a man of God who is currently divorced with his wife and fresh rumours of reconcilliation were trending online and i posted about the wives debunk of the rumour which she shared on her blog and some
understood it and some took it in a different way.

I was born in a muslim home but while growing up my mom was already changed to a believer of christ, and she was already a christian. All my brothers were too and i just  had to believe but it took me time to understand how to really come to faith in Christ until I was in High school.

Thogh i grew up going to church multiple times a week we would go to weekly services and i enjoyed it. on sunday we all loved to be there because we all in the family were becoming workers and most of us were gong to different churches.

One of the things that stands out from the church services and school fellowships i attended was my favorite teacher who lived very close to my house and i had wonderful conversations with.

He thought us many scriptures and what surprised me the most was the amount of Scripture this great teacher had memorized. As I began to grow in my Christian life I didn’t see the importance of Scripture memory and therefore didn’t learn many basic passages of Scripture Christians need to know.

 It took me few years to understand how i needed to realize the importance of passages of Scripture more mature believers referred to most often.

According to Crosswalk The Psalmist said, “Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

Memorizing and meditating on God’s word provides fuel for our growth as Christians. Sometimes when we face discouragement or temptation we remember a word we have memorized and it is exactly what we need in that moment to encourage us or give us strength.

Many believers don’t know where to start when they are
memorizing the Bible, i understand that there are many more Bible verses to memorize, but these eight i will be providing will be a great starting point.

so according to what i have learnt and "CROSSWALK"  a christian deliverer of great articles, here are eight passages that are central to understanding the message of the Bible and the basics of the Christian life.

1. The Ten Commandments
For most of my childhood I saw plaques of the Ten
Commandments on people’s walls next to their pictures of
Jesus and Bear Bryant. The plaque always looked the same.
They had to tablets on each side and the commandments
were listed with Roman numerals. When we turn to Exodus
20:1-17 in our Bibles though we don’t see the
commandments listed in this way. They begin with a word
about God’s redemptive act of rescuing them from slavery in
Egypt and then tells them what it looks like to live as his
people in the world. Memorizing the Ten Commandments will
remind us of our need for the grace found in Jesus Christ and
give us guidance for living the Christian life.

2. Psalm 1
The first Psalm offers a glimpse into the practices of the
godly person and the attendant blessings that come from
walking this way. The Psalmist shows the blessed man does
not walk according the course of the world, but meditates on
the law of God day and night. Since it is always day or night,
this serves as a wonderful reminder to stay immersed in the
Lord’s word. Then he shows that the result of separation from
the world and meditation on the truth is a stable, fruit bearing
life which is constantly nourished by the flowing streams of
God’s word.

3. Psalm 23
While we could point to many passages of Scripture that
remind us of the character of God, this Psalm has encouraged
and helped many Christians throughout the centuries. Psalm
23 points to the lovingkindness of God our shepherd who
feeds, guides, and cares for his people. Also, familiarity with
this Psalm helps us to better understand Ezekiel 34’s promise
of God’s shepherd who is come and Jesus’ claim to be the
Good Shepherd who will lay down his life for the sheep.

4. The Beatitudes
Jesus’ words at the opening of the Sermon on the Mount
show us the true, inner character of the Christian. Each of the
eight beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12 begin with a statement of
blessing upon the people who embody and certain virtue and
then it names the blessing. Memorizing and mediating on
these verses will remind us that Christian virtue begins in the
heart and permeates every aspect of our lives.

5. The Lord’s Prayer
Many Christians struggle with knowing how to pray.
Thankfully Jesus told us, “pray then in this way.” Jesus’
model prayer provides us a framework for understanding how
we can pray. Each petition shows us something we should
praise God for, thank God for, or ask God for. As you
memorize Matthew 6:5-15 , use each phrase to lead you into a
time of prayer.

6. Romans 3:21-26
Few passages of Scripture summarize the heart of the
Christian message like this important paragraph from Paul’s
letter to the Romans. Paul reminds us we have sinned, we
cannot work for our salvation, and Jesus died to bring us
back to God. Paul emphasizes Jesus’ death as a substitution
for our sins and that Jesus’ death vindicates the righteous
character of the God who saves.

7. 1 Corinthians 13
We often hear the “love chapter ” at weddings, but this is not
its immediate context. Chapters 12 and 14 deal with the role
of spiritual gifts within the church and Paul shows the
character of love to remind us that that we cannot exercise
our spiritual gifts in a way that is not fueled by love. The
application spreads from spiritual gifts to our other
relationships as we remember that everything we do must be
done in love.

8. The Armor of God
Christians face spiritual opposition every day from the world,
the flesh, and the devil. When we think about the devil’s lies
and accusations, we often find ourselves at a loss for how to
defend ourselves. Paul instructs Christians in Ephesians
6:10-20 to put on the full armor of God to help us stand
against the schemes of the evil one. Each piece of the
Christian armor shows us how the truths of the Gospel
protects us in the battles we encounter.
This is not a complete list of every passage a Christian should
memorize, but it provides a great start for the Christian
wanting to learn the basics of the Christian message and the
Christian life. It’s possible I missed an important passage,
what other passages would you say every Christian needs to

NOTE: This 8 passages were written From "CROSSWALK"

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