10 Lies The World Tells About Relationships And Marriages 1

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Marriage is an amazing gift from God and most people (couple) of nowadays do not cherish it as they should, they get distracted from the virtues and start taking each other for granted.

They also argue on every issue and compare each other with those around, they begin to drift apart, do things separately and keep secrets.
At the end of all these they get stock in hurts and regrets.
When all these problems gets too much, they begin to look for
excuses and exit.

Before we begin to discuss the 10 lies the world tells about relationsips and marriages we want to tell you that According to online records, Over 80% of men have admitted to cheating their wives and over 75% of wives have also agreed to cheating their spouses.

1- If You Are Not Compatible, You May Have Married The Wrong Person;
That you do things differently does not mean you've chosen the wrong person because in life there are no two people that are the same.

2- The Grasses Is Greener On The Other Side i.e You Have Choices Still Available.

3- If You Are Not Happy With Your Marriage Don't Stay There, You Deserve More: It has occured to me that marriage of nowadays bring out our selfishness because most times we want things done in our home way
ans when these occurs our focus becomes one sided.
N.B--> 1)One of the goals of marriage is to make us happy.
              2)The truest symbol of marriage is dt it symbolises the love of christ.
Bowing out is not an alternative it's just an expression of weakness.

4- Your Spouse Should Know How To Meet All Your Needs: We all need to know that nobody in these world can satisfy all our needs and a man's need does not end, when you satisfy one another pops up.
Only God can satisfy all needs PSLM 23 VS 6.

5- Marriage is always an easy option: When we enter into a marriage where divorce is an option then you are in a problem because no matter what you do times will get inevitably difficult and the only place to seek help is from God. Do not take divorce as an option becaause it is never an easy option but strikes an heavy blow on the family and causes a terrible impact.

We shall be telling you amazing readers the remaining 5 lies the world tells about relationships and marriages in the second part of this post and we hope you enjoy every bit of these great words.

We would love to hear your thougts and we hope to see your comments in the comment section below.

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