Tiwasavage_marriage_issues: Marriage is for two, three is a crowd, TIMI DAKOLO speaks on making marriage work

 Timi Dakolo has contributed to the ongoing marriage issues of tiwasavage and teebillz.

In a recent interview with the Punch newspapers TIMI spoke on making marriage work as he advises couples to never bring their marital issues to social media.

Read excerpts below...

On never bringing his marital issues to social media
Love is not enough in marriage; the best way to keep a marriage is to trust your companion. People put themselves under a lot of pressure, life is very simple. I usually ask my wife who is ‘toasting’ her presently. We are human beings and the first thing you have to do is be friends with your spouse. It is not every time you feel like loving another human being, sometimes the issues of life may make you keep to yourself. There are times I would cut off from my children but when I realise that I am giving them too much space, I would come back. Sometimes, the pressure of what you are doing takes a toll on you.  I always create a balance in life.
There is no family that does not argue or fight but we have a rule in my house: we will never argue in the presence of the kids. If I cannot argue in the presence of my kids, why would I put my family problems on social media? Marriage is for two, three is a crowd.
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