"Tiwa Savage is gullible, she fell for the bad guy" - Charles Novia

I have a couple of considerations on it.

Appears to me that the essential thought, originating from a PR point of view, was to pull a quick Olivia Pope ish on the embarrassment which broke a couple of hours back. Furthermore, justifiably so. Tiwa Savage is a Brand Ambassador for a
couple top brands, for example, MTN, Pepsi and Pampers.

Whatever the negative aftermath of this looming and outrageous separation , it will have some drawback a bit on the brands she crusades for. So a quick 'recount my-side-of-the-story mode' must be utilized and quick as well.

I wear' t know whether an expert PR individual was included with the bundling yet it was shabby. Not professionally done, as I would see it. I'm not harping on what she said, as those things are her own heart cry and she has a privilege of answer yet I'm more keen on the optics of what has been put out.

To start with, maybe in an offer to evoke some straight sympathy or something, Tiwa was made to surmise that looking unassuming and remorseful relates with tying a quarters scarf on her head and looking easygoing in a T Shirt was a decent approach to send the message home. I think it just demystified her image more. This is a video which would be looked for a considerable length of time to come and much all the more so by her child. Having made a decent attempt to be a Beyonce clone in Nigeria (and that is my view of her creative projections every one of these years), she ought to have known too that Beyonce never plays with her optics in any capacity. That scarf and solemn look wasn't the right optics, on the off chance that you ask me. There are all the more outwardly worthy methods for anticipating a diva's side of the story and her PR group ( in the event that she has any) fouled it up there.

I'm inquiring as to whether the exclusive of having such a meeting twenty four hours after the outrage was fitting. For some, it wouldn't make any difference however for a few, maybe somewhat honorable quiet would have been fitting. Ma'am, you should be pop ruler. You be " Dorodiva' . A straightforward press proclamation that you and your family would love to have your protection regarded at these attempting period and bla would have kept everybody somewhat cool till an appropriate meeting surfaces. Late cinching up lessons from Toke Makinwa would have made a difference.

Furthermore, the spilling however! I truly have nothing to say on that much. To start with, each marriage has unconventional difficulties. Also, couples attempt to work things out till the weight point either makes the marriage go South or power the brakes for compromise.

I have composed commonly about couples, particularly big name couples who 'glimmer and shape' apparently perfect ways of life on online networking and I generally end my instructions with the admonition that unremitting credit by one or even both accomplices to each other on online networking at the scarcest open door, indicate a putrefying issue in that marriage. It's how it is here. The person can be beating the spouse each morning regardless she would go up on online networking to post his photo with words like 'the stand out for me… my significant other, my life'. Mind boggling.

In her meeting, Tiwa said she feared his birthdays or wedding commemorations as a result of "what individuals would say". Pitiful, when a marriage is predicated on keeping up appearances for general society when it ought to really be more private for both couples.

Like I said, what she said in the meeting is her privilege of answer. I would sympathize with her past the corrective sensitivities she's getting from fans, companions and rascals. She needed a children's story life, strived to manufacture it yet discovered that she was kissed by a frog who didn't end up being the Prince she craved. My sensitivity would be on the truncation of that fantasy and truly not the bad dream she woke up from. Since she made it with him. What's more, it had its amusement esteem for the fans who lapped it all up.

He was still legitimately hitched, from reports in those days which were either squashed or played down, yet did she overlook the alerts and proceeded to wed him "after the conventional presentation"? Was the festival in far away Dubai only a gathering for the presentation maybe and not the lawful ceremony? I remain to be amended on this?

It's the exemplary instance of the artless young ladies continually falling for the awful folks. What's more, when you ask the inquiry for what reason such young ladies fall into that trap, they would answer that 'I thought I could transform him. That he would change'. Shiooor! His dad couldn't transform him, his mom couldn't transform him however it's you and your ikebe that will now transform him?

The divine beings are insightful!

She has precluded the affirmations from securing the trysts she purportedly had with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and Tuface. Generally too as well. Since I'm certain those folks more likely than not had some transitory flabbiness after Tee's "discouraged" rage. Individual go just siddon e own and next tin your name go dey for some person gbanshing list! Na wa o.

What's more, hasn't this conjugal incubus taken its toll on her vocation in the previous year? I think it has. As I would like to think, this last collection of Tiwa is poop. It's a significant level collection. What's more, it's being gotten all things considered since its discharge in December. Maybe the marital shenanigans diverted the core interest.

It will be diligent work to modify her vocation from here on. Diligent work.

However, she could simply rehash her vocation . She appears like one who came into the scene with a brutal center to be on top. What's more, she was ostensibly the greatest female follow up on the scene before maybe an individual long for enthusiastic satisfaction veered her off the way. Also, in attempting to make a rebound, it hasn't been simple. The fans have restricted persistence and other female adversaries have gone ahead the scene.

By one means or another, some lighthearted element appears to have left this. Also, it is maybe culinary by derivation. " Edible Catering'. Discuss stifling on one's swallow! No joke planned.

I don't know how individuals psycho-investigated that Tee Blizz's instagram tirades were as a consequence of discouragement. It appeared like an intoxicated or divided out clamor to me when I read it. Also, a going with retract on twitter later that his record was hacked appeared to be excessively similar to some senseless balance from that point. The opportunity has already come and gone these superstars quit utilizing the hacking reason to conceal for juvenile tactlessness.

In every one of this, I do feel some little sensitivity for the couple. Yet, there is a bigger lesson to be learnt from this by them and expecting couples too ; quit attempting to stay aware of The Joneses when in genuine certainty you have overlooked that you are The Jegedes. Keep the ish genuine.

Goodness… .and if Tee Blizz was truly drifting around the Lekki Ikoyi span as reported, for a suicide swim from which he was spared by Banky and others, then I would exhort an entire squad or hawk – looked at companions to encompass all scaffolds in Lagos after this current Tiwa's meeting.

Source: Ynaija
She wiped him out. Completed his butt like he botched up hers the day preceding.
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