SHOCKING! NBA Rising Star Bryce Dejean-Jones Shot dead at 23: 5 facts to know about him

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There was a shocker throughout the NBA world as rising NBA star Bryce Dejean-Jones was killed far too early .

Bryce who just signed with theThe New Orleans Pelicans was fatally shot in the
abdomen at 23,

The NBA world has just lost a gifted talent on May 28,

read and learn five important facts abut him!

1. He played basketball for three different colleges
It sounds a little weird, but Bryce made several decisions
about his basketball career while he was in college that paved
the way for future success. First attending USC, Bryce played
well for the team, appearing in 18 out of 34 games freshman
year, and starting in the first 10 games of the season. But
sophomore year, he transferred to UNLV, where he was uber
successful, starting in the NCAA tournament! He then
transferred to Iowa State University junior year, and stayed
their until graduation in 2015.

2. He didn’t get picked in the 2015 NBA draft
Bryce seemed like a shoo-in for the 2015 NBA draft, but no
such luck. However, the New Orleans Pelicans saw his
potential and allowed him to play with the team in the 2015
NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

3. The New Orleans Pelicans once signed him and released
After playing with the Pelicans during the 2015 summer
league, the team signed him in August. But they waived him
in October, after he played seven preseason games. Bummer!

4. He signed a contract with the Pelicans in February 2016
After proving he had amazing skills, Bryce signed a three-
year contract with the Pelicans in February 2016.
Unfortunately, just a week after signing, it was determined
that he needed surgery to correct a fractured wrist, and would
be out a season.

5. He’s a father
There’s little said about it, but Bryce is the father to one little
girl, named Ally Cymone Faith Dejean Jones . It’s unclear how
old she is, or who her mother is.
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