Nollywood Actress Rita Edochie Reveals How She Was Raped and sexually abused at age six

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Well known Nollywood performer, Rita Edochie, has uncovered that she was a casualty of sexual misuse, approaching guardians to discuss routinely with their youngsters. 

The on-screen character was a visitor at a course to end brutality
against youngsters, told NAN that she was disregarded by a family companion at a youthful age.

"I was a casualty of sexual misuse; that was the point at which I was in essential six; I was heading off to the doctor's facility and some person called me," she said. 

"The kid utilized some malicious means and sexually abused me; when I couldn't see my period, I decline to tell my mom, since she was exceptionally strict. I adore sharing my experience on the grounds that toward the day's end I succeeded; If I had not succeeded, I would not have possessed the capacity to say it." 

She clarified that the pregnancy was around seven months before her mom saw it. 

Edochie included that her mom was stunned in light of the fact that she thought her being strict would not permit a wonder such as this to happen. 

"My mom asked how it happened and I advised her beginning and end; my sibling picked a blade and needed to slaughter me, yet my mom halted him," she said. 

"It happened that the mother of the kid that disregarded me was my mom's companion; the kid's mom was shock yet the kid denied. My mom took me to healing facility to prematurely end the pregnancy with an arrangement of taking me to my grandma's place to stay for one week before returning home. 

"I advised her I may lose my life all the while; and on the grounds that she cherished me, she prematurely ended the arranged fetus removal. I feel it was God that spoke through me. My mom dealt with the child while I went to class; notwithstanding my mom, I would not be the place I am today." 

The veteran performer additionally approached guardians to discuss frequently with their kids and make them "their closest companions".

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