Finally! Leicester City Emerge champions of England, clinch Premier League Title

Last seasons relegation battling Leicester City are now the new Premier League Champions after Tottenham played a 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

 Most Chelsea fans toss open backing for Leicester as the previous Premier League Champions can't withstand
the warmth of seeing their London rival lift the title.

With two more matches left Leicester have a seven point lead which numerically puts each other group out of the title race. 

Leicester City fans accumulated to watch the Chelsea versus Tottenham match and the majority of their fans were loaded with satisfaction when Eden Hazard evened out for Chelsea in the 83rd moment. 

Tottenham players turned the warmth on by battling on the pitch on a few occassions. The Blues returned to the gathering when an onform Eden Hazard was brought into the match in the second half. Well done Leicester City
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