Few reasons why we think Omawumi was right to shut down her trending interview with HFTV

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Omawumi Interview
One of my favourite artiste Omawumi recently angrily walked out on her interviewer when she was asked about her ‘habitual smoking and drinking’.on HFTVand here is why i feel she did the right thing by shutting down the interview. read below...
it appeared the questioner was determined to inflict some damage right from the onset as she made inquiries that
conjured the savage side of singer Omawumi and she got bit. Toward the start of the meeting, she inquired from Omawumi if she was pretending to be humble “Are you forming humility or this is just you?” she said. 

the interviewer was creating a rumor that wasn't existing as the singer asked her if she had caught or seen her smoking before which she said NO.

 The artist's image reverberates more to ladies and young ladies and as the questioner noted, she is a good example to a large portion of them and is seen as an upright and capable performer. 

Simply envision this headline – Omawumi talks on her 'drinking and smoking' propensity.
This can bring about a noteworthy scratch to her image. 

So we figure Omawumi saw that things could get more profound and messier and turned the meeting on its head and left as quick as possible.
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