End Time! CAC Prophet caught and arrested for burying cow head, tortoise in church (photo)

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Moses Abiodun, the Prophet of an old era Christ Apostolic Churuch (CAC) Dangudoro, Ondo State,  has been caught and arrested for being fetish and collecting cash from chapel individuals under false pretense. 

His unholy exercises were uncovered by his neighbors and a previous partner who he had an aftermath due to cash the congregation was making. 

As indicated by Vanguard, the suspects' comrade, who thought
about the exercises of the prophet was sidelined and every one of his endeavors to persuade the prophet to permit him share in the goods were repelled. Vanguard was educated that the prophet challenged the false front of the friend when he undermined to open him to the congregation individuals and security agents. 

When he found that the prophet was unperturbed by his risk and having felt swindled he spilt the beans whereupon the suspect was gotten, grilled and confined. Vanguard accumulated that the prophet's nearby associate really told security specialists that the prophet supposedly covered human heads in key spots inside the congregation. 

This charge incited the intrusion of the congregation by authorities of the Security and Civil Defense Corps who later found that the prophet really covered leaders of a dairy animals, tortoise, cowries, divination board and other fixation things on the holy place and all the passageways of his congregation. These revelations were made when he was grilled and he allegedly admitted and took the security specialists to the congregation. 

He was likewise compelled to exhume all the fixation things covered in the congregation. The disintegrated leaders of the cows brimming with larvae, pigeon heads tied with kola nuts, dirt pots wrapped with white garments and the dead tortoise were uncovered by the prophet within the sight of security agents and individuals from the general population who got wind of the improvement in the congregation. 

Reports had it that the adolescents in the territory slipped on him yet security agents kept them from setting him and the congregation ablaze when the obsession things were uncovered . Security agents needed to cordorn off the congregation premises taking after the convergence of individuals who trooped into have a look at the disclosures from the "Place of God." 

The congregation got to be left after the presentation of the prophet while his colleagues in the "vineyard" have similarly vanished like a phantom. 

It assembled that the prophet likewise supposedly admitted that same interest things were covered in his home where he similarly held meetings with individuals from people in general and his congregation individuals.
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