Asa's Concert was the Tush version of Olamide's concert : All the highlights from the event...(photos)

So the previous night, Nigerian-French vocalist, Asa performed live at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The occasion labeled "Asa Live in concert'' was hung on Sunday, first of May, 2016 at Eko Hotels and Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos was the "tush"" form of the
Olamide 'Live in concert'' which held last December.

The night began with exhibitions from some energizing craftsmen including MOBO Award winning Singer Rachel Kerr, Project Fame graduated class, Isaac Geralds, Soul Fusion craftsman Falana, artist and piano player Kaliné and option soul vocalist Bez.

After the opening demonstrations had gotten the group of onlookers warmed up, Asa got a long acclaim as she ventured out to become the dominant focal point.

To whet the craving of her fans, she began with "Awe" and 'Satan Be Gone'.

One of the highlights of the night was when lyricist/music maker second to none Cobhams Asuquo, who created Asa's presentation collection, went along with her dramatic and assumed control over the piano. Together, they performed a front of Beyonce's "Halo". The lobby fell quiet at first and after that emitted in a craze as the team showed an astonishing musical cooperative energy.

Asa performed for two hours, keeping the vitality levels in the corridor high. There was singing, moving, live instrumentation and enchantment all round. The group of onlookers sang until they lost their voices, and Asa just went on.

See more lovely photos from the night beneath.

Rachel Kerr
Rachel Kerr
Olisa Adibua

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Contrast amongst Olamide and Asa's show:

1. Individuals around Eko Hotel are completely dressed

Were you at the lodging a year ago when OLIC held, you could have mixed up ed it for a summary motel in downtown Ilasa-Maja. Women and refined men were in different phases of disrobe "upandan" Eko Hotel, indicating everything accessible to be appeared and carrying on as though they came there straight from the latrine.

The general population that however appeared at Eko Hotel yesterday were completely dressed, numerous in suits, individuals regarding themselves.

2. There are just 6 media accomplices

Olamide does a show and everybody and their dad is a media accomplice, incorporating the blogger in Erin-Ijesha who was companions with Olamide when the battle started. Asa's own particular show? It's a disinfected rundown of the Mnets of our time. 6 of them consciously situated on the bulletins and fliers crosswise over Lagos. Since aje-margarine individuals don't stretch themselves like that.

3. Band-help

This is a full band – it resembles the 300 Spartans that went to war. On the console, on the drums, on the guitars, on the floor covering, creeping around the spot, doing either, here and there.

Asa came to Nigeria with a full band, leaving nothing to risk and underestimating nothing. Our psyches are blown.

4. No red containers

Not a single red glass was to be seen. At Olamide Live in Concert, liquor was at that point streaming much sooner than you could say 'inebriated twenty-year-olds' and when the show itself began, we could unmistakably see the impacts of all the wine poured everywhere throughout the place...but it didn't happen at all Asa's show.

5. The VIP area is upstairs

The VVIP segment at Asa's show was upstairs. The reason is straightforward, her handlers let us know. Nigerian VIPs don't move, and that entire thing can botch up with the feng shui of shows. Asa is utilized to swarms – including "oyinbo" individuals – moving, shouting everywhere with fervor simply like any appropriate show ought to be.

She needs to guarantee the same concertgoer experience. We say yes and so be it. Bye to 'nyama' frauds. In the event that you can't show yourself, go upstairs and beverage your champagne in peace. We came here to move.

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