The Power Of Praise

In this end time we have men who have little knowledge about the power PRAISE carries, they don't know that sometimes all they have to do to get their much awaited miracle is just PRAISE.
PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE shared a testimony about a woman who
had been written off by the doctors as dead.
he said 'We were holding a crusade and as instructed of GOD i mounted the stage that evening and announced to those present that today we are not praying for anybody that we were going to dance and praise God. Thereafter a woman who doctors had written off as dead was brought in a car to the crusade, she met my deputy and requested for prayers because she was dying and the man told her that the lord had instructed that all they were meabt to do was to dance and praise GOD. the wonan asked him ''i can't even stand, how would i dance?''.
eventually she tried to comply with the directive. she managed to disembark from the car  supported by two people, she moved little by little and the power of God hit her. she pushed off those supporting her and stood properly. that was how she was healed of the sickness that was meant to take her life"

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