Man Who Kills drivers and steals their vehicles finally arrested

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Recently in Enugu State, Nonso Azubuike, a specialist in tricycle theft, from Otolo, Anambra State, gave stunning subtle elements of how they kill their casualties. His words: "We worked for so long in Abuja yet needed to move when the circumstance got to
be troublesome. Before we cleared out, we murdered five okada riders in Nasarawa.

Here in Enugu, we typically board a Keke, myself and my companion, Kennedy Ihunegbo, who is currently dead; we will request that the Keke rider take us to our building site at Ugwuaji; on arriving, we will request that he help us stack a few things into the keke; once he twists down, one of us will utilize sledge and hit him on the head until he bites the dust.



We will now cover him in a shallow grave, which we normally burrowed at a building establishment inside of the Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Way. At that point fashion a merchant receipt to persuade forthcoming purchasers and after that offer the Keke at costs extending from N205,000 to N350,000 at Enugu and Nnewi."
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