Chibok girls are valueless to FG because they are not oil or pipelines - Oby Ezekwesili cries out

The convener of Bring Back Our Girl campaign Oby Ezekwesili  has accused the federal government of not doing enough to rescue the abducted Chibok girls. she claimed that the Chibok Girls would have been rescued if they were daughters senators or governors.

Accirding to Oby Ezekwesili the former minister of Education,
the Chibok girls are valueless because they are not oil or pipelines. she said she will not get tired of speaking her mind

The ex-minister who was at the Daystar Christian
Centre, Oregun, Lagos on Sunday,  April 17 spoke her mind ans further added that their abduction symbolises “our failure as a nation”.

Read her speech below: “Citizens’ lives
mean nothing because there is something that substitute
for them — in our case it is oil. The Chibok girls could be
ignored because they are not oil pipelines. They could be
gone and yet money will enter the treasury. Our humanity
was deadened by an elite obsession with the benefits of
oil. Our elite showed us as citizens how to be dead to our
“The Chibok girls are valueless because they are not oil or
pipelines. They are symbols of our failure as a nation. Our
humanity has been deadened by our obsession with oil.
“It is time to define a new nation where everyone will be
important than any other thing. God is reminding us that
life is not about acquisitions.”
“The abduction of the girls happened almost two months
after the murder of 29 school boys in Buni Yadi, Yobe
“The boys’ massacre occurred on February 23 2014. When
the news broke, I was devastated. I told myself this has
to be a turning point in the war against terrorism. I
screamed and screamed and in response to my scream all
we did was hold a centenary dinner.
“Some of my colleagues in the global community who
attended the ceremony queried our humanity. They didn’t
understand why the event went on. I thought to myself if
Boko Haram gets away with this, then we may have a
bigger problem in our hands. I put myself out there and
said there was something called moral hazard- if a person
behaves badly and isn’t punished, he has a licence for
even worse behaviour.
“My thoughts came to pass on April 14 2014 when 219
school girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Borno state. When
the news broke, we pretended like nothing had happened.
Life went on. No one in government seems concerned.
“I told myself I wasn’t going to stop talking. I will talk till
they are rescued. Justice must be done for those girls
because they symbolise the failure of governance in a
nation that doesn’t understand that God looks at
government as an institution that exists because of the
needs of the poor. The rich and mighty can do without
“If they were the children of the rich, a search party would
have gone forth immediately. But it is unfortunate that this
has to happen to 219 innocent school girls from poor
backgrounds. From April 15, 2014 till date, cries for
justice have continued for them.
“Many have said to me it is time to move on but I told
them about the pledge I made to their parents. I remember
when I saw the parents for the first time; they held onto
me and said I should promise that I won’t keep quiet.
“For us, we stand to declare that our Chibok girls
represent a thorn in the flesh of our nation. A nation can
afford to ignore its citizens when it sees no value in them.
Nations that have made economic progress and achieve
development value their citizens. It is time for us to define
a new nation. A nation where anyone, no matter their rank
or position, will be more important to us than any other
thing. What God has done with this situation is to remind
us that life is not about acquisition.”
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