10 points to note from Linda Ikeji’s letter on Wizkid

on Friday, April 15, popular celebrity blogger linda ikeji took wizkids threat  very serious and reported him to the police.

the successful blogger said she has been a great fan of the ojuelegba crooner until an incident in 2015 where he made snide
disrespectful comments about her but that still didnt stop her from celebrating him.

10 solid points from linda ikeji's letter

1. Many believe Linda Ikeji does not like Wizkid. In fact,
this has been so often peddled around today that the
singer must think of it as real. And Linda is quite
surprised by this as she has supported his career in every
way possible with her site until he started raining insults
on her recently.

2. Linda reportedly danced to the pop star’s Dance For Me
more than any other songs but Antenna by Fuse ODG and
Raba by Kiss Daniel, Sugarboy and DJ Shabzy. As a result,
she wants the world to know it is hard to establish that
she dislikes Wizkid.

3. On breaking the story of the singer’s quit notice from
his Lekki home which is at variance with his claims of
wealth as is widely shown on social media, the blogger
stated that she wrote the story with no form of malice
whatsoever. According to her, she does not get exclusive
stories every day anyone else who got the story first
would have hit the publish button as well.

4. Linda made it clear for the umpteenth time that she
never slept with anyone in Wizkid’s camp but that is not
why she has gotten the police involved. In her words, her
family can be insulted and all, but she cannot be
threatened and not act.

5. In addition, she wants young boys to desist from every
form of violence against women as this is a criminal act in
Nigeria and other parts of the world. She believes no one
should publicly threaten anybody and get away with it
hence her involving the police. As a result, she intends not
to let him get away with this as it will serve as a wrong
example for millions other out there who might emulate
his action.

6. She also hopes her move will gear countless other
women out there who are being battered by the men in
their lives to rise up and act, ignoring any form of
stigmatization there could be as it is not normal for
women to be victimized.

7. She has used her voice and platform to speak. She is
also calling out on other women to help a woman being
physically or mentally abused by speaking up instead of
making jokes out of the situation.

8. Even the late American gangster rapper Lesane ‘Tupac
Amaru Shakur’ Parish Crooks in all his ‘thuggery’ loved
and respected women which is what beats the blogger
that Wizkid, a father of two kids, would call a woman foul

9. In other climes, Wizkid’s image would have been
smeared by his actions to the point he could have lost his
deals with corporate clients. She believes he should spend
some time apologizing and being in the vanguard of
promoting anti-violence against women as is obtainable in
other countries of the world. Even Chris Brown, an
acclaimed music star, is still being disadvantaged today
because of his actions seven years ago when he assaulted
Rihanna and the blogger wants Wizkid to take a cue
because violence against women is a major problem.

10. With a huge following comes the need to be
responsible so Linda wants Wizkid to right his wrongs as
millions others out there could be wrongly influenced by
his words and actions. Again, she makes it clear that she
took up the case in order to encourage other women in
similar situations who might be too scared to act when a
man threatens them in any form whatsoever.

For those who missed the full letter read HERE


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