Brazil's former richest man appeases the 'Queen of the sea' By Throwing £130k worth of gold coins into the sea in a bid to regain lost glory

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Eike Batista was formerly Brazil's wealthiest man with a total assets of about £25billion and set seventh on Forbes' rundown of extremely rich people, yet hardship hit in 2013. His oil and items
organizations fallen. In an offer to revamp his billion-dollar domain, he has depended on what some might see as superstition.

The ostentatious specialist hurled more than 700 thousand Brazilian reais (£130,000) in gold coins onto the waves off the shoreline of Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema shoreline a month ago after a Brazilian African religious pioneer exhorted he expected to assuage a water-bound divinity Yamanja, known as the ruler of the oceans, for his past "dissatisfied" activities. 

'He came to me for help and I let him know that all that he had taken from the ocean must be returned somehow and this should be possible by a ceremonial motion indicating appreciation,' said Ubirajara Pinheiro, a medium and a minister of the Umbanda religion – a syncretic polytheistic conviction that draws on African otherworldly customs blended with components of Roman Catholicism. 

'The greater part of (Eike's) late business investigations were associated with the sea and you can't expel mineral from the earth without expressing gratitude toward and giving back,' cautioned Pinheiro, who has been a honing spiritualist for more than 30 years. 

'It's when we've been rebuffed by God do we then see the wrong we have done,' he included. 

In 2013, Batista endured one of the biggest individual and money related falls in corporate history losing 99 percent of his £25billion fortune when his six organization items realm, which included seaward gas and oil investigation, and gold and iron mineral mining, lost everything defaulting on the biggest corporate obligation in the historical backdrop of a Latin American organization. 

Batista however is unfazed in his mission to recapture his previous superbness, he concedes he is exceptionally superstitious and has utilized the administrations of psychics in the past to guide his business, besides, trusts he will have the capacity to move back the tide of incident. 

Sanctioning a yacht, he took to ocean to perform a function that included putting the gold coins in a little vessel with blossoms, aroma, champagne and a statue of Yemanja. The little watercraft was then pushed out to ocean in the vicinity of Pinheiro who drove petitions to God, reflection and droning. 

Inquired as to whether this is a costly approach to present appropriate reparations, Pinheiro who is situated in Rio said : 'It is not about the amount it is a matter of confidence. Numerous years back when (Eike) went to my home I cautioned him what might happen.' 

It has been a tremendous tumble from wired statures for the father-of-two who purchased his first goldmine matured only 24, Last year, government police went to his home, grabbing a Lamborghini and six different autos, extra resources and 90,000 reals (£22,000) in real money from the homes of Brazil's once-wealthiest man. 

Source: UK Daily Mail

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