AMAZING!! Over 5000 people turned up for the historic wedding of two dogs india (photos)

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It was surprising to see how over 5000 people turned up for the unusual traditional Hindu wedding of two dogs which was held in the village of Parawa, in the northern-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
The groom, Shagun, and his bride, Shaguniya, were dressed in
children's clothes and said their vows on a purpose-built podium to raucous cheers from the crowd.
Jung, the father of the bride shagunia, said: 'I raised her like my own daughter. Today, I am giving her hand in marriage to Shagun. I wish the couple a happy married life together.'
Excited guests said the unusual ceremony was a 'historic one', which demonstrated Indian society's love for their dogs as theydanced to music played by an orchestra and traditional Indian cuisine was served to hungry revellers.
source: LIB
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