#OAU: Open letter for a successful struggle "If Aluta Must Work" .

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Wow! I saw this post on my whatsapp page and I decided to share it with you guys.
This is a write up written by
Israel Dara Sobaloju
CEO Lode-star Network
Part one student OAU.
Read the interesting article below...
  There had been divers of battles and wars, the ones won and the ones loosed. But how many of our leaders go back to the drawing board after their defeat? They only go here and there
blaming and criticizing one another on rootless facts which are borne out of their selfish interest, forgetting so soon the definition of DEMOCRACY they learnt during their cradle days in the elementary school. It is sardonic that today our future is unpredictable.
    It's only a stupid man that do something over and over again using the same method.
   A popular quote amidst students states "if you can't change what you eat, change how you prepare it."
   Before I proceed to unleash and marshal my opinion on Aluta, I will like to properly anatomize the meaning of Aluta.
    Aluta is a Latin word which simply means struggle i.e to try very hard to do, achieve, or deal with something that is difficult or that causes problems.
   Aluta has been in our education system for over some decades. It usually work, at first , but on the long run it became impotent. I continue asking my self why? It's no other reason than because it has become antiquated due to its  overuse.
    But it's pathetic that our student union whose motto is INTELLECTUAL FIGHTER FOR EMANCIPATION , do not deem it necessary to perform 'plastic surgery' on Aluta to change its face. 
    Aluta has been something I had always which to write on, so recently I carried out some experiments to clarify my doubts about the potency of Aluta maybe it should be jettisoned or not. 
   In my hall of residence (Fajuyi hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife) rats has been our archenemy for some while so we decided to buy a rodenticide to exterminate them.  We eventually got it, used it and the following day we were picking defunct rats in every corner of the block, we recorded almost 30 dead rats. Waow!! That's good.
To my greatest surprise, when we resumed from mid-semester break, they had increased in their hundreds. We use the rodenticide someday ago, but we were not able to record up to 3 dead rat. Think about this for some minutes....... Is it because the rodenticide is not potent again? No!!! It's because the rats have also developed some methods on how to avoid or resist the potency of it.
   If a rat can do this, how much more our leaders and vice-chancellor most of whom are PhD holders. They have developed methods to resist the power of Aluta.
   That is the reason for daily inventions in the world. Infrared was modified to Bluetooth to WiFi, who knows the next. But one thing is that the mode of connecting through this gadgets have not changed but the method has changed.
  Aluta without innovations will only bring about noises and failures.
  That is why all our Aluta has always been resulting in doldrums, quiescence, latency and abeyance. We only vitiate our own image by our actions and at the end, we blame it on innocent journalists.
We need a War Room. An army once said that "the war room is where the battle is fought and won not the battlefield".
War room is a room at a military headquarters where maps showing the current status of troops in battle are maintained
: a room (as at a business headquarters) used for conferences and planning that is often specially equipped (as with computers, or charts). room where battles are planned that is equipped with maps, computers, etc.
    A war Room is not a room where any body can enter, but a room that is secluded and only chosen armies can enter there. All army should not be on the battlefield, some should be in the war room. But we never had these in OAU, all our warriors are always on battle, that is archaic.
  We should not struggle with fight and destroying our legacy, but we should fight with wisdom, patience, prayer and perseverance.
We wish Omotayo Akande (TY)
(SU President) quick reinstatement
    Great Ife always even in suffering.
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