New year changes, a lil bit of "Fly" as flywaterz impending break takes a new turn.

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It's a new dawn a new year with new changes starting from me and people around me, some good others bad but in general it's been wonderful in this new month of January.
Experience they say is the best teacher, no matter how hard I fall I have learnt to
never say never.

I think me being a bad socialist has caused some major injuries to me as I find it difficult to relate With new people leaving me with good oldies.
But 2016 is turning out to be a great year even as much as this problem still exist and as many a few people now find time to say hello, I think I'm trying so hard to conquer this big issue with new Friends coming day by day and many efforts to keep them are going on very smoothly even when most of the time I always keep my mouth shut. I don't know why I do that but I think it has become a norm, some say it's fear and I ask them fear of what?

Furthermore As the clock keeps ticking, time waits for no man and there comes a time when you have to give up less important things for the most important ones so as to stay focused and get the best out of that which is the most important.
I already decided to go on a blogging break so as to  give all attention to what really is the most important thing right now as it's more than 2weeks now since I last posted. but I think a post or two per day shouldn't hurt. 

Finally To my friends on Facebook to my followers on instagram and twitter, to my ever consistent readers, flywaterz much expected blogging exile as finally stopped.
Expect the best from us as we come back with a bang and get you updated with the latest stories in Nigeria and beyond as that is what we love to do. (sourcing for news and delivering it to you in a click)

To those I have offended in anyway or the other,it's a new year with new resolutions forgive and Forget any wrongdoings.
"forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"
A piece of advice from fly as seen on Facebook... 
From FLYWATERZ once again it's Happy new year .

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