Man Murders his 2 month old child because he won't quit crying

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31 year old Danielle Whyte had brought forth her infant kid only seven weeks before he was supposedly killed on account of the most clueless suspect - his own particular father. 
51-year-old Jose Feliciano was supposedly desirous of infant Mason for charging the
consideration of Whyte. On Dec. 10, police say Feliciano became furious in the wake of listening to Mason crying and shouted at him in his space to quit crying however the newborn child continued crying, soon after, Whtye listened 'a few noisy blasts.'
Prosecutors now say the child endured 'gruff power injury.' 

While Whyte discloses she attempted to resuscitate her child once she understood what happened, it was past the point of no return. She says Feliciano professedly debilitated to slaughter her in the event that she called police, so she decided not to. 

Authorities didn't think about Mason's shocking passing until week later when Whyte endeavored to damage herself and was sent to a New York doctor's facility. 

It was in the psychiatric ward where she admitted that Feliciano had taken the life of her infant kid and the area of where his body was buried. Police in the end discovered little Mason under a heap of soil with a rose on top. 

Presently, despite the fact that she won't not have physically slaughtered her child, she's accused of murder and criminally careless manslaughter allegations, as per New York Daily News. She argue not liable. 

Authorities say Whyte comprehended what she was doing when she exited Mason in the "threat" of her sweetheart's consideration and did nothing to offer him some assistance with surviving. 

A CCTV demonstrated to him leaving their condo with a gym bag the night infant Mason was murdered. Clearly, the baby was in that pack, he covered him in the same sack and acted like nothing happened. 

Feliciano has argue not blameworthy to second-degree murder allegations and, if indicted, faces a lifelong incarceration. 
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