Javier Mascherano sentenced to jail over cost shirking charges

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Javier Mascherano has been sentenced to a year in prison however he is farfetched to ever serve time in jail, after a choice was come to in his evaluation evasion case. The Argentine
has been fined €815,000 and gave a year's sentence for two incorporate of money related wrongdoings presented 2011 and 2012.
Mascherano has in advance admitted to the offenses, repaid the money owed and paid a profound fine as prize.
After such consistence with the examination, the court is depended upon to permit the wish of Mascherano and his legitimate advocate, David Aineto, in suspending the custodial sentence consequently for a further fine.
The Barcelona star said in a declaration released on Thursday: "I'm a specialist sportsman and I don't have the foggiest thought regarding an impressive measure about legal and money related matters.
Javier Mascherano's declaration in full
Today I have reached an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities, with a firm verdict agreed by all parties. Thus, with a resolution now for the legal matters and with the relief of having sorted my tax situation, I would like to make a brief statement.

After agreeing my move to Barcelona I contracted a specialist tax agency with well-known professionals that enjoy a great reputation. According to my situation they recommended me certain structures, all within the law, telling me that they were normal, transparent and accepted procedures.

I was assessed by these professionals from 2010 to 2014 I decided to change agency because of the proceedings I was facing, and with evidence that the problems may not be 'potential' but in fact very real. My new agency recommended that I pay the tax authorities the money they were claiming, presenting also a corrective payment.

Now, finally, after a long wait this agreement has arrived which allows me to relax again and go about my daily life.

I'm a professional sportsman and I don't know a lot about legal and financial matters.

Therefore I must rely on the people that manage these technical, and for me, complicated, issues.

All my career I have been an honest and responsible person... I will take this experience that has accosted me as another experience which I will leave stronger and calmed by the fact that I am once again within the law. 

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