SHARIA LAW!! Woman Beaten Publicly in Indonesia for being 'close' to a man she was not married to (photos)

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This Sharia law is getting out of hand, I was surfing the Internet and I saw this story and I decided to share it with you guys. 
Read full gist below...  

 An Indonesian woman was flogged outside a Mosque in Indonesia last week and her crime? For being in 'close proximity' to a man she wasn't married to. This apparently is an offence under Sharia law and the punishment is public caning. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Mosque to watch student Nur Elita caned for showing affectionate behaviour to a fellow university student. The caning ended with Nur collapsing and being taken to the hospital. More photos after the cut...

The guy she was seen with was also flogged. See below... 

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