President Buhari: Deadline met, Boko haram Defeated +audio clip of his speech.

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The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Gen Muhammadu Buhari in a recent interview with BBC has openly confirmed to Nigerians that the deadline giving to them for
the defeat of Boko Haram insurgency has been met.
The President in his statement said that his government has technically won the war.
Read full statement below...
“I assure you we haven’t failed. Adamawa state, Yobe state are free from Boko Haram.
Borno state which is there base, I think they
have two to three local government. Boko
Haram has reverted to using IEDs Improvised
Explosive Device, indoctrinating young girls
from 15 years and below to go and explode it
in churches, mosques, market places,
”They have now been reduced to that but
articulated conventional attacks on centers of
communication and population in towns and
so on, they are no longer capable of doing
that effectively. So I think technically we have
won the war because people are going back to
their neighborhoods. We have our committees
on the ground liaising with Local governments.
People are going back. Our major problem
now is rehabilitation because over 1.5 million
Internally Displaced Persons, repairing the
infrastructures, schools, health centers…the
number of bridges blown..that is what we are
facing now. But Boko Haram as an organized
fighting force, I assure you that we have dealt with them,” he said.
When asked what his opinion is about Nigerians criticizing him for always blaming the last government instaed of focusing on how to make the country better, he said:
“I think they are being unfair. Boko haram was
effective on 16 local government areas before
in the three states. Borno Yobe and Adamawa.
Yobe and Adamawa are absolutely free and
there are about three local governments were
Boko Harams are there and I have told you
they cannot marshal forces and attack towns
or military installation as they did in Maiduguri
before. I don’t think this is mere talking. We
have moved Service Chiefs, we re-organized
the military. We have got some hardware for
them and we have gotten retraining from the
British, Americans and with the French. A lot of is being done.”
You can listen to the audio on BBC HERE
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