#OLIC_2_2015: YBNL'S Impressive performance, how The celebrities performed +10 things you missed

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Earlier today, I brought you first photos from Olamide Live In Concert (OLIC) 2, which took place on Sunday, at the Eko Convention center, Eko Hotel. 

Here are some of the details of what went down yesternight

1. A case of over sold-out at Eko Convention
It appears the organisers sold tickets that were
more than the capacity of the venue which the
made the event quite crowded and extremely
While the hall was packed to the rafters,
hundreds of concertgoers were still outside, even
those who purchased tickets at the venue.
The event organizers should definitely think of a
bigger venue for OLIC next year or don’t oversell
the tickets.

2. Online ticket platforms fail to deliver
Still on ticket sales, we welcome the idea of
innovation in entertainment especially in buying
concert tickets online.
However, recent concerts have shown that most
online ticket platforms in Nigeria are yet to get it
right, save for a few.
Before the event started, concertgoers who
purchased their tickets online and produced their
printed receipts at the venue in exchange for
physical tickets, were left hanging by the online
ticket vendors.
Most of them were later told that the tickets
were finished and there was no way to gain
access into the event hall.
Moving forward, online ticket vendors should be
aware of the actual figure of physical tickets
sold, in order to determine when to stop selling
online tickets.

3. Eva Alordiah’s time wasting performance
Eva Alordiah’s attempt at pulling a theatrical
performance fell flat.
The energy, devotion and effort put into her
performance at OLIC could be better channeled
into churning out a hit song.
The singer/rapper wasted a whole set with a
forgettable performance, as she looked more like
a filler than a performer.

4. Everybody loves YBNL
2015 in the Nigerian music industry has YBNL
written all over it.
They Olamide-led crew are now officially among
the hottest labels in the country.
While Baddo Sneh has proven to be a crowd
favourite, other YBNL artistes followed in his
footstep by delivering impressive individual
While DJ Eni Money, the official DJ of the record
label wowed the crowd with his amazing turn-
table prowess, Chinko Ekun dazzled fans with his
lyrically-insane freestyle.
Lil Kesh as usual, did not disappoint as the
crowd sang along with him, throughout his entire
Adekunle Gold silenced critics with a
breathtaking live performance of hit songs-
Orente and Pick Up.

5. Burna Boy’s electrifying performance
We’re certain Burna Boy was as surprised as we
were at the intensity of the reception he got at
OLIC, as the crowd were in ecstatic mood
throughout his performance.
The Don Gorgon gave as much love as he got.

6. Basketmouth ‘too big’ for press?
Really Bright Okpocha?
Of late, the ace comedian has been avoiding
press at events, while coming up with all manner
of excuses to skip interviews.
At OLIC, the talented comedian brought up this
act again when asked to do press.

7. Olamide honoured by Boys Scouts of Nigeria
Last night saw the special recognition of the
YBNL General by the Boys Scouts Association of
Nigeria; an association he’s been an active
member of, since childhood.
The Boys Scouts gave him a guard of honour,
while he was also presented with an award for
being an excellent ambassador of the

8. Quality crowd control
There was an unprecedented crowd at the 2015
edition of OLIC.
Maybe not so unprecedented, owing to the turn
out of 2014.
Despite the sheer number of attendees, there
was no report of squabble, unruly conduct and
the likes, as security was beefed up around the

9. Buchi and his spontaneous jokes
Basketmouth’s 8 years understudy, Buchi stole
the show as he delivered brilliantly on the night.
His sharp commentary and witty punch lines got
the crowd entertained.

10. Craze Clown, Mama Tobi, Aphricaneape,
others’ funny skit
It was a re-union of the popular Nigerian social
media comics who delivered a spectacular rib-
cracking drama

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