Basketmouth and Freeze Diss each other on instagram

Earlier today, Freeze dissed basket mouth by sharing this pic of a basket with money in it on his instagram page, asking fans to help an old colleague resurrect an ailing career. 

Though He didn't mention a name but his use of a basket made it easy for fans to know who he was trying to this. 
Read what he wrote Below... 
#PutAJokeInTheBasket please help an old colleague  resurrect his ailing career by donating donating a #joke! His performance at #OLIC2 was just too weak! N50,000 for the  best joke! Let’s help him keep his dream alive.”
Basketmouth’s fans didn't find the shade directed at the comedian funny and immediately slammed Freeze even before the Comedian replied hours later. 
Read the comments below:

Few hours later basket mouth replied with a pic of a freezer saying 
 You know you’re irrelevant when you dissing someone  on IG and you get just 18 comments…half of them by you

He also posted a pic of a freezer dissing Freeze see below...

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  1. The matter tire me o! Freeze is just speaking the mind of many. This is why we should always try to improve our skills and reinvent ourselves. But on the other freeze should be careful make world people no tell am his life history.

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    2. Please sent to my network

    3. K expect it tomorrow then. You can also try this code.. *559*40# tell me what you get


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